Art exhibitions


Еmotional geography of the northern towns”

The project at the junction of science and art is “Еmotional geography of the northern towns” in which the problems of emotional perception of small Arctic cities by their residents: do residents feel interest, anxiety, pride, shame, disregard for their city, for the routes follow they attend daily?

Tatiana Zhigaltsova together with the video-artist Sergey Zhigaltsov created the Video installation for Arctic Art Forum, Arkhangelsk, Russia (2018). In addition, some research results were presented and interactive work was done with the audience to create their own emotional maps of Arkhangelsk.

Haparanda and Tornio

«Our city»

The exhibition was part of the art and science project, the results of which are included in a photo exhibition «Our city» in “Jala Studio” in Haparanda (February 2021) and in the Rajala shopping center in Tornio (February-March 2021).

The opening of this exhibition took place:

Haparanda: Jala Studio 04/02 

Tornio: Rajala shopping centre 17/03

Tatiana Zhigaltsova (researcher, project manager),

Kenneth Mikko (photo, production),

Sergey Zhigaltsov (graphics, web),

Anna Kondakova (translator),

Pia Suonvieri (translator)

The photo exhibition was funded by the Municipalities of Haparanda and Tornio.

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